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Strengths & Values
  • Over 30+ years of experience in the industry understanding the logistics of the masonry process
  • Strong understanding of the financial aspects of contract management
  • Quality workmanship: employees and management put in the effort to ensure that the owner is satisfied with the work
  • Address issues raised by the customer quickly and efficiently to ensure satisfaction
  • Known among other General Contractors as able to complete jobs on time and on budget
  • Treating employees with respect and dignity
  • TopCat Masonry Contractors, LLC was built on its core competencies.The core competencies are the one thing that a company does best, and it differentiates it from the competition.
  • TopCat Masonry Contractors, LLC core competency is its quality workmanship defined by its ability to complete projects on time and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • 2016 Scalable Business of the Year, Robert R. Church Awards
  • 2015 Scalable Business of the Year, Finalist,Robert R. Church Award
  • 2013 Best In Construction, The New TriState Defender
  • 2009 Small Business of the Year Finalist, Memphis Business Journal