Robert & Briggette Green, co-founders of TopCat Masonry, are uniquely able to offer consulting services and deliverables built upon a proven model of success within the Small-to-Medium Businesses (SMB) sector. Since 1997, this minority, woman-owned, and first generation company has been offering a range of consulting services for the Mid-South community.

Proven Track-Record

As a leading company in the Memphis and greater Mid-South area, we have lead in nurturing profitable relationships within the Small-to-Medium Business sector. We have a 40+ year track record of business success.


Small-to-Medium Business Insights, Analysis, Understanding Your Customers, Engagement Strategies for Women Business Owners, Product Offering Advice, Social Media Strategy, and Marketing Execution.

Small-to-Medium Business FOCUSED

We help our customers sell to Small-to-Medium Business customers. Our expertise distinguishes us from other companies, large and small, as Briggette and Robert are veterans in the Small-to-Medium Business space and have built companies from the ground up.